Saturday, September 22, 2007



Since I left San Diego in May to travel through California, I haven't seen a single drop of rain. Not one. Now, I know it's rained in California since I left... I just haven't seen it.

But today, it's raining. And, it's been raining all day. I love it. The ground needs it. It helps even out those 100-degree temperatures. It's wonderful.

So, I'm spending the day in the RV working on images, listening to the beautiful sounds of rain falling on my roof.

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Brian said...

I'm back! Hey man, just trying to catch up on your blog, but don't have time to read it all... Going to ride the Kokopelli trail from Grand Junction to Moab, leaving tomorrow! 150 miles, 3 days. Are you still in CA? I don't know where Redding is.... You might add the state for us Easterners. Have fun, and keep it up!