Friday, September 14, 2007

Beautiful sunsets and Birthday girls...

Sunsets and Lava Rocks,
Champagne and body shots...

Last night, just before sunset, I drove over to Hwy 36 to get some shots of the rolling fields bathed in that lovely golden evening light. I had a little trouble finding a place to pull over that gave me a good angle of what I wanted to shoot, and I didn't have time to set up my big cameras, but I brought out the next in line in my arsenal, and I made the best of it. I'll go back tonight with the big gear and make sure I get there in plenty of time to set up.

And, all those rocks and boulders you see in the images... Well, I've been told, that a long, long time ago, Mt. Shastina (Mt. Shasta's twin) blew its top and scattered volcanic rock for hundreds of miles. The whole area of Redding, Lassen, and others I haven't been to yet, are strewn with millions of these rocks from the mountain.

After shooting, I figured I'd head out to dinner, and as luck would have it, I got to spend some time with 5 beautiful women at the Market Street Steakhouse in Redding. Craving one of their signature steaks, I went there for a quick dinner (by myself, as usual) and ran into my friends Nicole and Cami. It was their friend, Darcy's, birthday, so they asked me to join them and their two girlfriends
Chris and Katy (did I spell that right?) for a toast... One toast turned into two, two in to three, and the night carried on from there, with singing waiters, 80s music on the jukebox, champagne, and colorful shots with fancy names. (I tried to talk the girls into doing body shots, but nobody was brave enough.)

I had to leave early to go catch up with my friend Lindsey, who was working over at the Sundial Bridge, before it got too late and I turned into a pumpkin. I wound up chatting with Lindsey and her boss, Linda, for over an hour. And, let me tell you... Linda can tell some great stories! If I weren't so tired, I could have stayed there listening to her all night.

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