Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Former hometown boy chronicles rural America

What's News in Alpharetta, Georgia? Well, I'll tell ya...!

Well, would you look at that! An article in my hometown paper. Mom will be so proud!

Here's the link to the full article:

Alpharetta and Roswell Revue & News
Photographer travels, snaps shots of 'Vanishing America'
by Christine Braden
August 29, 2007

It's a great big country out there and a hometown boy, Holt Webb, is aiming to see it all before it vanishes forever.

Over the next two years, Webb, a professional photographer, will do what he does best – take pictures to elicit emotion within people. Using his camera he will capture the people, places, culture and architecture that are slowly disappearing from the American experience.

The project, aptly named "Vanishing America," is unique, if not also just a little bit nostalgic.

"Vanishing America is equal parts fine art photography and photojournalism specifically designed to capture the beauty and enchantment of the unique elements of our history and culture that are in danger of disappearing within the next two to three generations," said Webb, who grew up in Alpharetta, but now lives in San Diego, Calif.

Inspired by a childhood of canvassing the local woods, 38-year-old Webb – back in town for his 20-year Milton High School reunion – can remember a time when community history was preserved and the wilderness was left wild.

He recalls spending many summer afternoons biking through rural Alpharetta with his brother and some friends to the old Stovall's Grocery store. Even at his young age, Webb can remember the day the boys were stopped on their well worn trail by a large tractor getting ready to plow a new neighborhood – directly in the middle of their private, boys-only world.

"I've felt a sadness and frustration as development for housing and shopping took those places away from me," he said. "And, now, as an adult, seeing that same thing happen in San Diego and across the country at an increasingly rapid rate, I've decided enough is enough." (Article continues... follow this link or the link below.)
Link to the full article:

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