Wednesday, January 30, 2008

University of Georgia

A meeting with The President...

On Wednesday, January 30th, I was fortunate enough to enjoy a meeting with Dr. Mike Adams, president of the University of Georgia. In the presence of the photographer and editor of the Alumni magazine, Georgia, Dr. Adams and I went over the details and goals of my Vanishing America project. A brief bit about our meeting will appear in this month's issue of Georgia (which
focuses on the environment and alternative energies), and a follow-up story will be printed in the June issue.

The meeting was the result of my Mom’s longtime friendship with his Administrative Associate, Ann Whittemore.

And, to top it off, Dr. Adams’ assistant, Matt Winston, was able to work his magic and get me a parking spot in the campus bus pull-out right next to the Administration building (for 3 hours!) which is almost unheard of! Not only did that put me close to the President's Office, but it put me in plain view of every student and faculty member that passed by that afternoon.

Two days later, I received the RV Life newsletter announcing the release of the February issue of the magazine. Why is that important? Well, I'll tell you... On page 14 is my first published article from the Vanishing America project! Here's the link:

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