Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ray at Night!

Last night I braved the fog that socked in the city of San Diego and visited my old stomping grounds in North Park. Every second Saturday is the Ray at Night art walk, and I made a special trip to see my friend Pablo Mason enjoy his opening night at Sharp Gallery.

Pablo is a fantastic photographer, mentor, and good friend. And, you could see by the big grin on his face that he was having the time of his life.

You can see a selection of his work
through March 6, 2008 at Sharp Gallery, 3807 Ray Street, San Diego. To see the rest of his photographic talents, visit

I also stopped in to see my friends Elliot and Craig who run 4 Walls Gallery (who gave me my first solo show), then popped over to the San Diego Art Department at 3830 Ray Street to see my friend, and talented artist, Alexis Archibald. And, although it's difficult to see, I'm wearing one of her beautiful handcrafted necklaces. You can see her work at

Sorry for the poor photos (they're from my cel phone). Go figure.


Angela said...

Hi Holt,
I think what you're doing is incredible. I came to your blog because I couldn't help but notice your huge RV in the SD Zoo parking lot. I work in a building that is right beside the zoo and so I park in their lot for work, so whenever I sit in my truck for my breaks I get tempted to knock and say hello, but that just seems really creepy of me. hahaha! I'm 22 years old and am very much into landscape photography and the saving of our beautiful planet, so finding something like this is quite an inspiration. It's nice knowing that people like you exist.

- Angela

Holt Webb said...

Hi Angela,

Thank you for the compliments. You should have stopped by! Next time...

Keep in touch.