Monday, November 05, 2007

Inventors wanted!

Any inventors out there?

I do a lot of videotaping while on the road. And, much of that is tape of me hiking, biking, shooting, scouting, driving, etc. I have the driving part nailed down with a dash cam and a camera mounted in the passenger seat pointed at me.

What I need now is a simple, hands-free device that will hold a small camcorder pointed at me. I'd like to be able to talk into the camera while I'm hiking.

It has to be lightweight, small, comfortable, and, most importantly, "stabilized". And, by "stabilized", I mean that, as I walk, camera movement (ie. bouncing up and down and side to side) has to be minimized. If you've ever watched a bouncy home movie, you know what I mean.

The camera can be mounted to my side or my chest. Doesn't matter. A quick-release for the camera would be nice, too (ask me for the specs).

Depending on the quality of the product/design, we can talk money, we can talk marketing, or we can talk a combination of the two.

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