Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Breakdown... part deux

So, Cummins in Sparks, Nevada replaced my fuel filter. Good thing, too. It was nasty. You should be able to look into one end of the filter and see out the other side. Not this filter. No light could pass through it at all.

So, they fixed the problem and I was able to hit the road last night.

I made it about 2/3 of the way back to Redding when the problem started up again. I had to pull over to the shoulder on Hwy 44, in the middle of Lassen National Forest and spend the night.

This morning, I called a mechanic in Susanville, about an hour southeast of me. They're going to bring me some tools so we can remove the filter and clean it. That should be able to get me to Redding where I can have the tank drained and cleaned.

Right now, I just have to sit tight and wait. It's cold up here. There's frost on the ground.


Pam said...

Hi Holt! So sorry you have had these problems with BABS! Altho, as you say...You have been able to open up another door whenever delays have occured. Lets just hope that won't mean Winter Wonderland in God's beautiful Mt. Lassen! Take care and Keep warm. Pam and Tim Kolar, Hope Your Thanksgiving will give you more Blessings to be Thankful For!

Sandy & Dick said...

Hey, Holt! You have a new admirer...Brian sent me your blog site and I have been enjoying reading and viewing your photos. Dick and I hope to see you in WPB after Christmas:-)...Sandy Bell