Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paradise in the Bayou

I just found out that the Coast Guard is happily offering rides to the media to go see the oil spill first hand. So, I contacted them yesterday. As I wait to hear back from them as to whether they can take me up in a plane or a boat, I decided to do a little strolling around to see the bayou myself and get some images of what it looks like before the oil makes it up into these parts.

What I saw was absolutely beautiful. It's Nature Primeval. Life exploding in abundance... water, sunlight, trees, grasses, birds, alligators, fish jumping, crabs, frogs... it's all there creating a primordial paradise that, to me, stands up to any tropical island for its rarity and its beauty.

Take a good look at it folks. Once that oil reaches these shores, you can kiss this bayou paradise goodbye...

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