Friday, July 11, 2008

New Website!

The new Vanishing America website is up and running!

It still has a lot of work to be done... images to be uploaded, stories to tell, videos to post... but the basics are there. And it looks great, if I do say so myself. It was designed and built by one of my best friends, Jim Evans. Jim is the guy you saw me getting muddy with in the go-kart in my "Rednecks" video.

With the new website activated, this blog site you are reading now will be put into a state of limbo. I haven't yet decided whether I want to maintain two blog sites (as the new website has its own built-in blog pages), but I'll weigh the options and let you all know.

In the meantime, all new entries will be posted on the blog at And, all the older blogs (at least until I get them transferred over) will still be here at

It is very easy to subscribe to the new blog pages, too. Just go to, click on the "Blogs" link, and then enter your email on the right-hand sidebar, click on the "subscribe" button, and you're in!

When you check out the new site, drop me a line through the "contact" page. I'd love to know what you think (good or bad)!

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