Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rock 'n' Roll High School...

Our future leaders: were they listening?
Yes, they were!

Yesterday I took BABS over to Etowah High School
in Woodstock, GA to give a presentation to some of the classes. My appearance was set up by Kristy Szpindor through my brother, Drew, and is the first of many such presentations that will be given along my journey.

We began with a brief in-class PowerPoint presentation on my travels, talked about why things are vanishing, discussed alternative fuels, and then took everyone out to tour BABS (that was th
e part they really liked). Justin Bacile, the teacher who hosted the presentations, was tremendously helpful, and his talent as a teacher and mentor truly shows in his students. I've yet to meet a better group of kids. Everyone was well-spoken, intelligent, polite, and some even let their humorous sides show through. It was such a pleasure to talk with them that I even stayed for two extra classes.
Now, for those of you waiting for new images...
I still haven't been out to shoot yet, but that will all change on Thursday
when I go to Dahlonega, GA to visit my friend, and web developer, Jim Evans. He is an excellent photographer and we always have a blast when we go out shooting together. He was with me when I got the image of the Okefenokee and almost got carried away by mosquitoes; and he was with me when I got the image of the shrimpboat in the fog at Fernandina Beach, FL. We grew up together exploring the woods around our neighborhoods, losing fishing lures (which is what usually happened when we went fishing), and generally being country boys. He's a great inspiration to my work, and I'm excited about getting out to shoot with him again.

We're going to try to make our way up to the northernmost reaches of Georgia's Lake Lanier to see if the water level is low enough to show remnants of the towns and structures that were flooded when the lake was formed by the damming of the Chattahoochee River. Regardless of what we see, I know we'll bring back some fantastic images.

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