Saturday, February 09, 2008

Damn Flu!

How did I get the flu?

Since I travel alone and don't come into contact with people as much as I would if I were working in an office, it's been quite a long time since I've been sick. But, such luck couldn't last forever. Thursday, after shooting in North Georgia with my friend Jim, I came down with the flu. And, it's hit me hard with chills, aches, coughing, nausea, and a tremendous lack of energy.

I wonder how I got it. I don't remember coming into contact with anyone who was sick. Could it be possible that I got it from my computer? Could computer viruses finally have gotten so sophisticated that they can attack humans at will? Am I the first case of internet influenza? Or, am I just delirious?

Those of you who have fought it off know how it can knock you out. So, while I'm recovering, I'd like to throw out this little teaser of stories to come...


1. Photographer on mission gets cursed out and threatened by 80-year old man
2. First sponsor comes on board Vanishing America
3. Best ab workout ever!

Tune in for the Full Story...

1 comment: said...

That wasn't you in a rest stop in 'bama, getting yelled at by an old geezer, over some paper towels, was it? We saw that happen this week. Just curious.

Feel better. Oh, you got sick because you were around germ factories known as KIDS! Ick.