Friday, July 20, 2007

Alternative Agriculture for Renewable Fuels

Vertical Farm Project
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It's true! It CAN be done!

I know I don't get more than a handful of readers, but for those of you who have read June 11th's post about bio-fuels, let me tell you... my prayers have been answered! In that post, I asked why so many people are complaining about the hardships that bio-fuels will put on agriculture, when all we have to do is build vertical greenhouses. Well, that's just what someone is doing...

The vertical greenhouse, designed by Dickson Despommier may just be the answer to all our agricultural problems (at the least it will shut up those people complaining about wasting agricultural resources on bio-fuels).

Mr. Despommier, as I just learned through an article in July 2007's issue of Popular Science (page 45), is in the process of designing and building hydroponic greenhouses that use vertical tiers of cropland with a small footprint instead of the traditional method of abusing acre upon acre of wilderness for farming.

It uses solar power, recycled water, hydroponics... Well, rather than try to describe his project myself, maybe you should take a look at his website:

It is a good looking, well designed, and very informative website on this wonderful idea. Just the thought that someone truly is working on this problem made my heart soar!

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