Thursday, July 19, 2007

Charley Horse and Calf Cramps part deux

Charley Horse Rides Again...

News flash!
I've unexpectedly made some progress on my calf cramps.

I was jumping rope the other day, desperately trying to get some kind of exercise, fighting through the pain in my left calf, when I noticed that the sore spot (the cramped area) moved. Yes, moved! As I continued to exercise it, the soreness moved in a vague circle around my calf. It was still painful, and still felt like a bruised cramp, but now it was in a different place. And it kept going. As long as I was exercising, it kept moving.

Now, this makes me wonder... is it actually a cramp? Maybe it's a knotted muscle. Or, is it a clot? Or, maybe a mineral deposit of some kind. After my workout, I spent about 10 minutes massaging it, and I could actually feel the knot loosening up. This gave me the idea of having some deep tissue massage done solely on my calves, looking for these "knots" and trying to work them free. What worries me about that, though, is the possibility of (if it is a clot), forcing that clot into my bloodstream, risking a stroke. Not good.

But, for the moment, it's a moot point. I can't get my legs massaged until the poison oak goes away.

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