Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Beautiful Jewelry made with Gulf Coast Oil!


The abstract paintings of "STAINED" are created from tarballs collected from the beaches of Grand Isle, LA this past summer. The actual presence of oil in jewelry is meant to serve as an important reminder that the oil does not dissipate just because headlines disappear.

The tar in the “STAINED” collection is sealed under clear crystal quartz, a powerful stone revered throughout history and across cultures for its attributes of healing, harmony, balance, purification, and protection. Quartz is used in this collection with the hope that these attributes will enable and inspire us to focus more clearly on the objective of caring for our environment to create a healthier ecology for future generations. The tar and stones are encased in responsibly refined and recycled silver and/or gold. Recycled chains and repurposed leathers complete the design.

The “STAINED” collection’s creation is inspired by photographer Holt Webb of Vanishing America, who suggested using tar in a jewelry design to create awareness of the ongoing Gulf destruction. Go to www.vanishingamerica.net to see Holt's documentation of the spill, the coast, and the people affected by the disaster. 20% of "STAINED" sales will be donated to further the artistic advocacy efforts of Vanishing America, and to aid some of the Gulf's residents that Holt has befriended.

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