Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Carbon Neutral Expedition

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We are explorers who are finding real world answers to questions about weaning our species off fossil fuels.

This is a gathering of friends, of wonderful spirits, and of wonderful environmental minds. 8 vehicles, 16 people, and a motorcycle with a dog that rides in a sidecar. We traveled from Park City, Utah to Amado, Arizona (20 miles north of the Mexican border) over 6 days and 1000 miles, completely self sufficient, and not adding a drop of carbon to our blanket (the atmosphere). We traveled through some of Utah and Arizona’s most spectacular terrain, on existing dirt roads & tracks, and using Tread Lightly! certified techniques. This is about humans and our compatibility with the planet.

All vehicles ran on a wide range of alternative fuels or offset their footprint through carbon credits. My 1994 Land Rover Defender, nicknamed The Greasy Beast, ran the entire trip on used Vegetable Oil collected from restaurants. Our final destination was the 2010 Overland Expo, a gathering of world explorers and vehicle-dependent adventurers who are largely environmentalists themselves - people who are out to see the world and the land and all of its beauty, who simply choose a car to do it.

Click here for more AMAZING images of our journey!

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