Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Look what I found!

In Search of... A Snack!

This little tidbit will likely resonate more with the guys than the girls, but I'll tell it anyway...

You ever had the munchies? You know, when you're not looking for a meal, just a nosh. Just a little snack to settle those taste bud crazies.

You walk over to the fridge, poke your head in, look around, can't find what you want, then close the door. Ten minutes later, you do it again. Ten minutes after that, you do it again. You never see what you're looking for. Hell, you don't even know what you're looking for. You just know you're hungry and that if you keep looking, you'll find something to snack on.

You keep poking your head in the fridge expecting that something will just jump out at you. But it never does.

Well, last night it did. I went into that fridge three times looking for something to take care of that craving. Each time I came up short. But, for some unknown reason, I went in a fourth time. And, as I was closing the door, something caught my eye. I opened the crisper drawer, and lo and behold! there it was. What I'd been looking for all my life. The snack that has eluded me since I was a teenager. After years of searching the refrigerator, poking my head in time after time, my efforts finally paid off. I was rewarded for my persistence. And DAMN! it felt great.

What did I find? To be honest, it really doesn't matter what I had found. What matters is that I found it. Have you ever found what you were looking for?

The world is full of small wonders like these. And, it's these little darlings that make life so special.

What? You really want to know what I found?

Oh, okay. It was a protein bar. Happy?

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Anonymous said...

No, i am not happy! A protein bar?? The snack you have been waiting for since you were a teenage is a protein bar?!?! Not a chocolate covered strawberry, or hell, any kind of chocolate covered fruit? Not leftover pad thai/(insert asian cuisine here)? Really, it must be a guy thing.

Hannah Walker