Sunday, October 01, 2006

Vanishing America

The countdown begins!

The first preparatory leg of the Vanishing America Tour begins on October 15th when I catch a plane to Atlanta to spend a few days with my family and friends. (Of course, I'll have to take one night to go out with my buddy Scott to Wild Bill's Saloon for a little dancin' and cowgirl chasin').

After a few days at home, I'll hop in the car and head down to Folkston, Georgia to shoot in the Okefenokee Swamp. I'll take the backroads along the way (there's just so much more Disappearing America to see) and then spend three days camping in the swamp at a place called Okefenokee Pasttimes. Their guide, Steve, will take me out into the National Wildlife Refuge to get busy with the gators, snakes, birds, cypress, and the St. Mary's river that makes it all happen.

After the swamp, I'll drive up to Georgia's Cumberland Island to spend three days at Sea Camp to photograph the island's wild horses and the ruins of Dungeness.

When I leave Cumberland, I'll head down to Amelia Island to continue my series on shrimpboats and the southeastern seashore. While I'm there, I'll drop by Barwick Studio to say hello to my friend Sandra, who has one of my images in her gallery.

If I have time, I'll stay an extra day to catch up with my friends Marcus and Pearl at the Georgia/Florida football game in Jacksonville on Saturday.

Then it's back to Atlanta for a day and then on a plane back to San Diego.

I'll keep updates coming!
© Holt Webb Photography

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Anonymous said...


I was fortunate enough to find the time to see your work. It's completely inspiring and uninhibited! It's always a delight to see work that has a natural setting and the focus of natural lighting.

Keep up the thoughtful work and keep enjoying the beauty of nature.

Be careful out in the woods!