Sunday, January 06, 2013

The first ever e-book from The Vanishing America Project is here! And, guess what?

It's FREE!

Yes, it's free. :)
This is a first for The Vanishing America Project. Though the goal has always been to publish in print the images and stories from this ongoing journey (and I do intend to do just that -- eventually), I figured everyone has waited long enough. It's time to make a concerted effort toward that goal. In that light, I have published my first e-book of images from the project. This is a first draft e-book, and only has a small sampling of the thousands of images and stories collected during my four years on the road. But the best part is that I'm making it available for free. Yes, that's right... FREE. If it turns out to be a popular e-book, I will work toward producing more -- toward that ultimate goal of hardcover publication. I hope you enjoy it. :)