Sunday, January 10, 2010

Photo Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of our first photo contest, "Share Your World"! (The top 10 entries, as well as the entire gallery of entries, can be found on our website at

We had over 90 entries when all was said and done, making for some tough competition. But, it wasn't just the numbers that upped the ante. The entries themselves were outstanding. To be honest, for this first contest, I expected a lot of amateur work. But, to my delighted surprise, what we got was incredible imagery from beginners, amateurs, and pros alike! I was amazed at the quality and creativity of the entries. And, if you didn't win, that doesn't mean your image wasn't great. More than a few of the images missed out on placing in the top three by just a single point. Yes, it was THAT close!

So, kudos to every single person who entered. Great work!

And, a special Thank You goes out to our sponsor, George's Camera of San Diego. Thanks to them, we were able to provide our winners with some incredible prizes. George's Camera now has a fully operational, and user-friendly online shopping experience available to everyone around the world! And, their prices are as good as anyone in the market. Visit them at!

So, who are our winners?

Grand Prize of a Nikon D3000 digital camera kit from goes to Jason Zinn, with an outstanding image of down-home Americana. One of my personal favorites (and, evidently, that of the other judges as well), this image combines beautiful lighting, perfect composition, and intriguing (but not obtrusive) abundance of detail, making for an image that you just want to walk into and explore.

Great work Jason!

Second Prize of a $125 Gift Certificate to goes to Mandy Rhoden with a creative and unique perspective on the music scene. Sometimes the best picture isn't right up front... sometimes you have to dig deeper and look where nobody else is looking. I've found this to be true in my own work as well. Sometimes the best shot isn't in front of you, but rather behind you, above you, or below you. Having the presence of mind to "Think Different" (as Apple Computers used to say) can mean the difference between a good shot and a great shot.

Way to go Mandy!

Third Prize of a $75 Gift Certificate to goes to John Troy with his somber, yet powerful black and white image of an old Montana church doorway. John's choice of dramatically vertical cropping adds to the emotion, height, and presence of this imposing building. His attention to detail, making sure every crack, every brick, every bit of surface texture is tack sharp, brings the viewer into the image -- almost as if it could be touched.

Good eye John!

On a final note, I'd like to apologize to all of our entrants for the slight delay in announcing the winners. Sometimes computers can get the best of us, and ending the contest in the middle of the Holidays probably wasn't the best idea. So, please forgive our slow response, and I hope you won't hold it against us in the future. ;-)

Now... I would like to take this opportunity to tease you all with the theme of our next contest. Are you ready?

The next photo contest, beginning later this month, will be titled "Small-Town Life". And that means any image you have depicting life in a small town is eligible. Rules and regulations, and even better prizes!, will be posted on the website when the "official" announcement is made.

Thank you again for all your wonderful entries.